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So you think you're not musical? Really?

Ah, but we all have music in us.

Our hearts are pumping with the rhythm of life and it's there, inside of each and every one of us!  The natural velocity of the blood flowing through our arteries and veins is 3 to 4 miles per hour. Imagine getting down to a cellular level and it would be gushing by like the frothy rapids in a gorging mountain stream. Have you ever walked or skipped or run along to the rhythm of music piping into your ears from an iPod? Have you tapped your fingers on a table top or played a drum? Have you danced with joy? We all have music in us. It may be harmonious, or rhythmic, but it's there, beating its way through our daily lives.

You might not sing quite in tune, but you CAN sing! And you might not play an instrument, but you CAN make music with your body, by singing or drumming. And as a "musical catalyst," I find it is my calling to help people discover their inner musician. As a teacher, mentor, composer and performer, I have accumulated a lifetime of musical experiences and I'm starting this blog today to reach out to others.  I figure I have a lot to give, and a great deal of wisdom and musical knowledge to share. On this site, I hope to share lessons, and music, and experiences that have forged and shaped my life, and the lives of many others.

As a pianist, I spent 9 straight holiday seasons from 2007 to 2015 playing solo piano in the middle of the Main Terminal at the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport. There I met thousands of people who sang, played, cried on my shoulder, shared joyful news, or just listened quietly -- then left me personal stories scratched out on scrap paper and dropped into my tip jar.  People sat with me and told me their favorite memories triggered by the music I was playing. Total strangers felt like close friends, all because they were drawn to the music. Music is a bridge that crosses language barriers, and in fact most barriers between human beings. Music connects us.

As a songwriter, I have written hundreds of songs -- songs with guitars, songs with piano, songs sung in unison, songs sung in harmony, songs sung by choirs large and small -- and songs without words. I've written musicals, and songs about animals, and I've arranged all kinds of songs for other people that wanted to sing them in a different way. It's what I do -- I enable people to enjoy their love of music, no matter what their level of musicianship, no matter whether they are beginners or professionals.  I've produced music for others, and recorded 7 CDs of my own. I was classically trained, but I've played music with rock bands, country bands, blues bands and jazz bands. I've played music in the Sydney Opera House and Seattle's Benaroya Hall. Music has been the joy of my life!

As with every blog post, I will include a piece of music that I have written.  I am currently the Artistic Director of the Community Choir at South Seattle College. This quarter we are working on a very exciting piece called "Corroboree," which I co-wrote with singer-songwriter Tam Katzin back in 2007.  We even won an award for this song!  Here it is on YouTube, a song about the spirit of global brother- and sisterhood:

If you are interested in following my blog and experiencing music with me, please sign up to be on my mailing list. I promise I will never give your information to anybody.  In the future I hope to offer some basic instructional videos on singing with a choir, and playing the piano, as well as some basic music theory.  If you are a music teacher or choral director, I'd love the opportunity to introduce you to my songs. If you enjoy piano music, you might enjoy listening to some of my recordings, or even playing some of my pieces yourself. Perhaps you know someone else that might be interested in what I have to share. It's going to be an exciting journey, won't you join me?

-- Bronwyn Edwards, Seattle, Washington - April 17, 2017