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Hello Friends!

Drum roll, please... My life's work: a considerable body of original music -- songs for choirs, songs for life, songs for piano and other instruments -- is coming out.  Out of the archives. Out of files, computers, cabinets and other dormant places. My goal now is to make my life's work accessible online, including stories, scores, videos, audio, lyrics and sales.

It's time to showcase my music -- publish it, share it, perform, play, sing and enjoy it, and hopefully with your help, my music will be loved, cherished and shared some more.  I still have so much more music in me to write and share!

I need you all to help me grow my music circle. My dream is to reach others with my music. If you sing in a choir, if you sing and play an instrument, if you know any choir directors, if you ARE a choir director, please LIKE and SHARE my SirenSong Productions FB page. 

You can also sign up to be on my list at for information on new music, fun projects and upcoming new releases.

I want to build my TRIBE and I want YOU to be a part of it!