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Meet Bron

Musical Catalyst | Composer | Creative Mentor

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Now, what to say in a few short sentences after a lifetime of music?

Summarizing my early years, I would say "child prodigy abandons piano and wants to be an architect instead." I struggled with the perfectionist part of being a young pianist, always expected to win, be in first place, or take the honors in whatever I was competing in.  Like a fireworks display, I dazzled in the bright lights and fell to earth, the joy of music dissipating like those fading cascading sparkles as I crashed to earth, disappointed and looking for another direction to go.  (Yes, for the record, I got my degree in architectural science from the University of New South Wales.)  My current teaching and coaching mantra was born in those years, "Music is about joy, not perfection." There's nothing wrong with a perfect performance, of course, but for most of us who don't have the chops to appear on stage at Carnegie Hall, we just want to make music imperfectly and joyfully.  I can go for that!

I think I have spent a lot of my life not knowing what I want to be when I grow up, but somehow my career evolved into a full-time musician anyway. The Universe has been ushering me back into my musical fold for as long as I can remember, and I think I'm finally here to stay.  I played in rock bands for many years, and I was the solo pianist at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport for 9 years during the holidays.  I've recorded CDs, performed with soloists, singing groups, instrumentalists, and I've sat in Seattle's Benaroya Hall and the Vashon Center for the Performing Arts and listened to my original music being performed by others.

It's been a fascinating journey.


I love to write music but I spend most of my time teaching and mentoring other musicians, directing singers and instrumentalists, and since the pandemic began, creating videos and coordinating and producing virtual music for choirs and instrumental groups.

During the many years I worked as a publicist for the City of Seattle and a freelancing designer, I acquired video and audio editing skills that really helped when we all became locked down and unable to make music together in person.  Since the pandemic began I've made over 200 music videos, many of them for Fauntleroy Church, where I have been the music director for going on 15 years. 

But now as we ease out of the pandemic and back into making live music together, it is with a sigh of relief that I am no longer confined to a solitary place connecting with singers all over the planet by email.  It's joyous to be singing and playing music together once again.

I think the best words to describe me are "musical catalyst."  I like to make musical opportunities happen.  I love the spontaneity of live music.  I love the concept of capturing lightning in a bottle.  It happens sometimes and when it does, it's amazing.

I was born in Australia and have lived in Seattle since 1986.  I love being back in Sydney with my family too. I feel like I belong in both places.

This new website is an attempt to gather all my music into one place.  It's a tall order and I think I'll be working on this project for many years to come! I feel like I'm splattered all over the internet and nobody can find me!  Thank you for visiting, please feel free to contact me if you have feedback, ideas, or music requests that you'd like to share.

Bron (Bronwyn) Edwards, Seattle Washington, April 2022

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