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Liquid Flight (Dance of the Manta Rays)

In the dark of a Hawaiian winter night, we floated in the open ocean (fairly close to the shore), clinging to a kind of surfboard with handles, flat out and face down, breathing through our snorkels, and staring into the blackness below.  Drawn to the blue light emanating from beneath the surfboard, the plankton gathered. Shortly afterwards, three beautiful manta rays appeared below us. They circled upward and fed on the plankton, so close to us that occasionally they brushed against my arm (protected by my wet suit).  It was breathtaking, and exhilarating, and scary, all at the same time.  They are so graceful, swimming in arcs as if in a synchronized ballet movement.  I wrote this piece shortly afterwards.  You can watch the video of the manta rays here.

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